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Best road trips in and around UAE – Dubai Kalba Fujairah Loop

Winter is finally here in UAE and everyone is looking to spend some quality time outdoors.  In this series #RoadTripsUAE we will post our favorite road trips in and around UAE for a long(ish) drive.
This route is our favorite.  With recent upgrade of the Al Badi interchange on Emirates Road (E611) and additional lane on Maleha Road, driving from Dubai to Kalba is a pleasure like never before.  

Exit 47 on Maleha road toward Fujairah
While most of the traffic would take exit 47 from Sharjah Kalba road (aka Maleha road) towards E84 which goes to Fujairah on a very scenic route through the mountains, we keep that road reserve for our return drive and keep driving straight on Maleha Road.  Do fill up your vehicle’s petrol tank if needed from ADNOC station before exit 47. The exciting news is that now there are many new shops along the road and a whole new Friday Market (Friday Souq) where you can grab stuff to eat.  Many shops are still under construction till date (December 2018).

The onwards road is quite un-inhabited and gives you a feeling of wilderness.  Be very careful if there are chances of rain as flash floods are very common in this area and a lot of times in past, this road had to be closed because of flooding.  On the weekends in winter, you will find dozens of SUVs parked down the road in wadis with families enjoying outdoors and doing BBQ.  Again, it is very dangerous to enter into wadis in rainy weather conditions due to high risk of flash floods.  Back on the road, we pass through Wadi Shawka, Wadi Al Helo and the two tunnels.  Once you are out of Kalba Tunnel, the beauty of surroundings mesmerizes you. The descent is very steep so you have to drive in low gear. The natural unspoiled beauty is awe inspiring.  The road ends on E99 right in front of Kalba Lagoon.  There is nice park next to the lagoon with beautiful walkway and abundance of water activities like Kayaking, boating etc.

From Kalba lagoon, continue towards Fujairah next to the sea on beautiful corniche road.   Along the way, you will see local fishermen pulling out large quantities of small fish from sea using big fishings nets.

Fishermen in Kalba

Next stop is Kalba Corniche Park which is a nice place for kids and Adults alike with a lot of swings and slides for kids and a lot of place to have a family picnic and enjoy BBQ. If you are a driving freak, you can continue towards Khorfakkan and Al Aqah beach (covered in more detail in other posts). But if you want to call it a day, you can take the road from behind Fujairah airport passing along the abandoned aircrafts. We usually make a stopover at Fujairah city center before returning back to Dubai via E84, Maleha road and E611.
Driving Distance:
Dubai to Kalba (Approx 160 km)
Dubai – Kalba – Fujairah – Dubai (Approx 272 km)




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